Dearest parents and friends,

Last weekend, we celebrated our 50th party served this year with a definite bang! Three of our Make Believers flew over to Cagayan de Oro to bring our interactive storytelling and shadow puppetry to the first birthday party of pretty Khairah, and from all accounts, I hear that it truly was a magical celebration :)

We bring much love and passion to all the events and workshops we facilitate, but we find that performing at children’s parties holds a special place in our hearts, and for several reasons.

We cherish the close partnership we have with the parents that do decide to get us. “We want something different,” they say, “We want something very interactive and engaging for the children.” We happily accept this challenge time and again, and in the process also see as they, with much love and OC-ness, bring unique and fresh concepts to their party styling, food, desserts, and souvenirs. Our partner parents are visionaries and artists all on their own, intent on creating a beautiful world for the celebration and remembrance of their child’s coming into the world.


Photo Credit and Styling: Barbie Pardo


Our parents keep us on our toes, always inspiring us to think up of new stories, new ways of approaching music and movement, and new designs for our art activities to keep our young audiences enthralled! Each party is well-thought of, worked on, and practiced to the hilt to make sure that we are able to delight the celebrant and all his or her guests. With the preparation comes certain late nights preparing materials and writing scripts, rehearsal sessions, team huddles, frequent midnight text messages and calls from our parents to share updates, and more. We wouldn’t have this any other way. Just as we have been privy to our partner parents’ labours of love and sleepness nights spent fixing décor or souvenirs, packing prizes, and taking care of other party details, so we too do our part to ensure that their children’s party is a success.

Photo Credit: Sheila Juan Catilo

We find that at the heart of their attention to details and their directives for every aspect of the party to be unique, exquisite, and unforgettable, is a story of a love, and a desire to express this love in the most special of ways. Whether it is coming up with a dainty and delicate tea party for a little lass, or wishing to spice up a simple celebration at a fast food chain, or expressing their gratitude for a baby they had waited for several years, or showering love on a child not born of them but chosen and loved all the same, we come to parties amazed at the incredible, tender, resounding love that is at the heart of all of the pomp and fanfare and details. As we like to tell our parents (especially at first birthday parties), their child may not at that exact moment fully understand what is going on, but when they grow up and look back at pictures of what was prepared for them, they will feel very, very much cherished and loved.

Photo Credit: Sheila Juan Catilo

And so to the parents at the helm of the 50 parties we have served this 2014 and to the next 50, it is our greatest privilege to be part of your expression and story of love for your children. With all of our heart, thank you for choosing us and trusting us. It is our joy and a gift to be able to make magic with you, for the people you love most in this world :)



Warmest Regards,

P.S. Stay tuned for some new and exciting party services!